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Outsourcing of payroll management

Outsourcing of payroll management and administrative management of employees in Madagascar

Outsourcing, or ‘subcontracting’, is a modern way and highly efficient of achieving operational and strategic gains while significantly reducing costs. Portage Salarial Madagascar (Payroll Service Madagascar) offers a complete Outsourced payroll service in Madagascar adapted to local and multinational entities, including SMI / SMEs to large companies.
The outsourcing of payroll management and the administrative management of employees allows companies or NGOs to free themselves from certain tasks with low added value and to concentrate on their own productive activities.

Salary management and administrative management of employees may include:
– Calculation of monthly or biweekly wages by collecting all basic information
– Producing the state of pays and salary report according to a predefined schedule
– Producing pay slips
– Follow-up of employees: absence, medical leave, sickness, follow-up of paid holidays …
– Payment of salaries
– Social and Employer charges Declarations
– Management of health insurance – retirement pension
– Hiring and terminating workers
– Management of employment contracts and dismissals
– The work and employment certificates
– …

Through the payroll management contract, the company entrusts to PSM – Payroll Service Madagascar, as a specialized service provider, all the information regarding the entire payroll aspects with systematic transmission including Monthly changes where applicable. Portage Salarial Madagascar is responsible for all social and administrative formalities.

Confidentiality is a must!

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