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Employer of record Madagascar Umbrella company Madagascar Global PEO

Employer of record Madagascar

Employer of record Madagascar Umbrella company Madagascar Global PEO Employer of record by payroll service Madagascar – PSM A Professional Employer Organization – like Madagascar Payroll Service – is also called Employer Of Record – since it provides a service under which a client company asks to hire employees andRead More

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International payroll & employment

International payroll employment peo services Madagascar By payroll service Madagascar PSM – PEO International Based in the capital of Madagascar – Antananarivo – we serve the entire island for all direct deposits and salaries payment – full international payroll management – from our payroll and employment Services – PEO –Read More

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Outsourcing of payroll management

Outsourcing of payroll management and administrative management of employees in Madagascar BY PAYROLL SERVICE MADAGASCAR Outsourcing, or ‘subcontracting’, is a modern way and highly efficient of achieving operational and strategic gains while significantly reducing costs. Portage Salarial Madagascar (Payroll Service Madagascar) offers a complete Outsourced payroll service in Madagascar adaptedRead More

Payroll Madagascar - Payroll and Employment Organization - PEO

Payroll in Madagascar

By Payrollservice-madagascar – PSM Payroll Service Madagascar or PSM offers personalized support to all independent consultants and self-employed workers who do not have registered structures in their missions on behalf of a company, a non-governmental organization (NGO) or an association. Missions are generally short- and medium-term contracts. By getting inRead More

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Madagascar – Country Profile

Madagascar is an island in the south of Indian Ocean with an official name « the Republic of Madagascar », it is About 200 miles off the coast of Africa across the Mozambique Channel. Madagascar covers 228,880 square miles. The nation comprises the island of Madagascar (the fourth-largest island inRead More

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Magma – Payroll Service Madagascar

We are in place and we have expertise in the field of Payroll and Employment, Human Resources, Business logistics … And we move forward … Relay and proximity We are professional payroll and employment organization based in Madagascar and provide computerized payroll services according to the client’s specific needs fromRead More

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