Relocation and Expatriate Support

Expat management

Payroll Service Madagascar provides comprehensive services covering professional and technical aspects of the expatriate working in Madagascar on behalf of a company, a n.g.o, an association or a community but also may reach personal, social and cultural items such as children’s schooling, housing, relocation … . On a legal and constitutional basis we handle the full payroll, the employment and administrative hosting that may include contract management, remuneration, social protection and tax implications. On a practical level, the management of expatriates applies to different services that characterize the accompanying expatriates.

Expatriate individual consultants may also be subject to tax rules such as income tax from their services or should they set up a legal institution under their name, PSM can help and assist in all steps.


Since the expatriates are changing the global life environment, they may need to get the necessary tools for their adaptation in the new life in Madagascar, we may provide guides and advices that would be useful to succeed in country.


Expatriates are most of the time working under fixed-term contract and repatriation should be organized at the end of the contract. This component may include the administrative preparation, the flights reconfirmation, local transfers, luggage and personal parcels dispatch.

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