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Payroll in Madagascar

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Payroll Service Madagascar or PSM offers personalized support to all independent consultants and self-employed workers who do not have registered structures in their missions on behalf of a company, a non-governmental organization (NGO) or an association. Missions are generally short- and medium-term contracts. By getting in the structure of Payroll Service Madagascar, These independent consultants and self-employed workers benefit from all the social advantages from their status of employees while they are covered from the tax side (IRSA ).

How does the system work?
First, the individual consultant or self-employed person deals directly with a company, NGO or association or even a government organization [said client] for a specific mission to become a service provider. All terms and conditions are defined among them, including the object, duration and price, as well as the obligations of each of the parties.
Then, Payroll Service Madagascar, as a Payroll and Employment Organization in Madagascar – PEO Madagascar, also signs a mission contract with the company, ngo or association AND simultaneously signs a contract of employment with the individual consultant or the self-employed.
Finally, Payroll Service Madagascar invoices the company, the NGO or the association, monthly according to the terms of the contracts, corresponding to the amount of the fees of the mission and pays the amount invoiced to the individual consultant or the self-employed person less the social charges and management fees.

Online Jobs
Online jobs is now taking a considerable place in the global employment in Madagascar by offering different possibilities according to the profiles of the individual consultant or freelancer along with the technological development. These include freelance developers, administrative and business virtual assistants, webmasters, designers, web referencers, e-commerce promoters, accountants and many others. By adhering into the structure of Payroll Madagascar freelancers are free from the headache and time-consuming tasks in the administrative and registration processes whereas the management fee are low and decreasing according to the realized turnover.

Payroll in Madagascar
Individual consultants and self-employed workers in Madagascar are usually in the informal sector as there is not yet a formal framework which governs them. In addition to that the legislations and the law in force do not define clearly the terms of Employment in Madagascar.
On the other hand, these individual consultants and these self-employed workers, as well as small companies, are suggested to integrate the approved management centers or CGAs for their administrative and tax supports. Individual consultants and Self-employed persons are subject to ST (Synthetic Tax) or IT (Income Tax), depending on the structure, by acquiring a NIF (Tax Identity Number) and a Statistical Register Number. To become a provider, these NIFs and STATs are systematically requested by the company or the contracting agency … AND again, the tax question is first and foremost should be paid in advance and it becomes more difficult for these underground providers to jump to the next step.

Payroll Service Madagascar – Payroll and Employment Organization – PEO Madagascar – has the main purpose of bringing together clients (companies and organizations) and competent providers without any constraints. At the same time Payroll Service Madagascar helps the State/Government to recover its shortfall by taking these individual consultants and self-employed workers out of the informal sector to the “FORMAL SECTOR” by the payment of the IRSA.

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